Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Restless Me Syndrome

This is getting to be a bad habit, I think. I was sad and embarrassed when I was only getting around to posting every seven days, but less often than that?! shocking. It's been, and still is, a week in which I can't seem to do anything for more than a few minutes and then I have to go do something else. It's not a manic thing, just a flakey thing, I think. In either case, I've been very very busy getting nothing much done!

To distract from my lack of content, here is a link to a very odd children's show that Claire shared with me. It's G rated, but there _is_ singing...

One thing I _can_ say I accomplished this week (other than eating an obscene amount at a BikeJerk family reunion), is finishing the first half of my pair of Maia's Mystery sock/Scherherezade Slippers:

Isn't it amazing? Don't you want to make one? I'm ever so pleased with how it turned out. It's very tall on me since I have a short foot, and I love the lace pattern swirling up and around my calf. It actually comes to a nice point on the back, but I'm not quite flexible enough to successfully capture the back of my own leg on film.

And one final thing. This is the yarn I spun for a scarf I'm going to knit for my brother:

As you can see, it's autumnal and also sort of busy, with the light and dark strands plied together. I'm pondering what, if any, stitch pattern I should use - stockinette and garter are awfully boring, but do you think that this yarn would just swallow any sort of texture I tried? (I know, I should swatch, but that takes some willpower/attention span.)

Argh! I've been doing one thing for more than 10 minutes now. I'd better run!


Beth said...

That sock is SO pretty. Nice job.

I love the yarn but agree that it needs to be a simple scarf. Why not something like My So Called Scarf? I've always liked that pattern.

peaknits said...

holy cow - the sock is amazing! Wow I may have to check that one out! Nice handspun too!:) I do think any texture would be lost in there though, I'm having thayt same debate with a skein of handspun I just got for a hat - to cable or not to cable?? Afraid to invest the work only to not see it.

Nell said...

That sock is amazing! Great job!

Zarzuela said...

That sock is to die for!! I'm going to have to add that to the queue for sure. Love your new yarn! I don't think it would swallow a simple texture, but I wouldn't get too fancy.