Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Mom went to Tibet...

...and "all" I got was this crazy yarn:

It's a laceweight (2 giant hanks of it - what to make? so many possibilities!), with a halo sort of like mohair, but it sticks to itself more and is a little coarser. And it's probably yak, though there was a bit of a communications issue - apparently not a whole lot of western tourists in Tibet want to buy yarn! Silly them.

It does smell a bit like a yak (I guess), and something about it drove the cat nuts:

I set in on the floor for a minute and she came running in and started licking and biting it, like it was coated in catnip. She's a fan of yarn, but not usually like this!

Apologies for the short posts this month! It's that time of year! Hope everyone had a lovely holiday! (Both our pumpkin pie (which I made) and the cranberry tart (by the BikeJerk) were delicious, though the tart got eaten days ahead of the pie!)


peaknits said...

Small box or giant cat? Seriously, your cat is gorgeous - love how he is welcoming the yanr to America!

Jessica said...

That's too funny with the kitty! Looks like you will have something really special when you figure out what to make with it. Definitely a nice gift!

knittygurl said...

That's really pretty yarn! What are you going to make with it?