Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm not making eye contact

I figure if I just edge into the room as if I hadn't been away for 6 weeks or so, no one will notice that I was ever gone. I feel especially delinquent, since I was promising updates and exciting happenings, but if I just go on with things, no one will probably even remember. Bwa haha.

All I can say to justify myself is: you know that boss that has high expectations of you but will never tell you what they are, and that boss that is out of it and disorganized but always notices when you forget something, and that boss that expects tons of work and attention from you but never entirely manages to do the work you need him/her to do? Well, if you combine all those into one person and make that person the chair of your department, that's who I've been working for this semester. Truly a wonderful person and professor, but anxiety causing! And distraction causing. As was endless grading for the last month. But it's all done with for the summer - yay!

Here are some beautiful things to be distracted by:

These are Having Hope by Diane Mulholland, in Mama Blue's SeaMerino in Beekeeper. I bought the pattern when I saw that the sales benefitted cancer research, but it's a glorious pattern even if it only benefited the author. I'm definitely making a pair for the BikeJerk too.

This is the Asphodel Scarf I was working on before, and finally finished!

Look how lacy and cashmere-y! I have nothing else really to say about this project except: yay! the sun's back!!!

And, London, as promised - I love London, and one of my favorite things is how the modern and the not-modern coexist in the same place:

This was taken in the Tower of London, which would have been truly irritating, what with the approximately 50,000 teenagers crammed into a few rooms with us (and who paid less than the $30 a piece that we did), if it weren't for the lovely outdoor areas, which were filled with Beefeaters and ravens (as well as tourists). Ah, London.

This picture is from our hotel (and remains sideways here even though it's upright in any file I can find of it on the computer - why?). These guys are the primeval giants that were supposed to be in Britain before the Celts got there. Which returns us back to school and my research, and there we go...


Jocelyn said...

Ha! I dance with a fellow who once danced with this team!.

Which I perhaps shouldn't admit because, by association, I am admitting that I am associating with some seriously geeky organizations...

Welcome back! And nice socks!

peaknits said...

I was delighted to see your blog "lit up" on my bloglines - always good to see you when life isn't getting in the way:) I think you must work for my boss!

I love those socks - I admired them at Ravelry - they got me started in my fascination with Mama Blue delish. Take care and catch us up when you can!

Carole Knits said...

Hey, welcome back! Now that things have settled down maybe you can post more often. Or not. It's entirely up to you, of course.

bookwoman said...

Welcome back! Great socks (as always). Beautiful socks. London? Jealous.

Nell said...

Welcome back!!! Great knitting!

That scarf is amazing. And I definitely have to get that sock pattern.