Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Law and bored-er

Ugh. I hate myself for that title. Not enough to right the wrong I've done though!

This ghastly title refers to the fact that I have just been seated on a jury for a 2-3 day criminal trial. It's my first time having jury duty at all, so it's pretty interesting watching all the ceremony and lack thereof (as well as the ways in which it doesn't match up with my Law and Order watching experience!), but let me tell you, jury duty, like many of my previous jobs, consists mainly of being very bored while looking attentive. There are just a lot more gaps than they show on TV where they aren't doing anything that involves the jury, and yet the jury isn't allowed to pull out their knitting and relax. Oh, the humanity!

Anyway, I'm not sequestered at least.

I thought I'd give my Summer of Socks update while I was thinking about it (and before the media get ahold of me. Ha!). I've finished the Parashoots for the BikeJerk:

I think this is my fifth pair finished for the Summer of Socks. Not too bad, though I know there are people who are making at least a pair a week. Ah well. As I've said before, these are modified from a Charlene Schurch pattern. The modifications are on my last post, and I'm too hot and surly to repeat them, or even, apparently, link to them. Scroll down, my friends, if you're interested!

And this is my Shedir that I'm making for my mom's boyfriend:

It's made with the suggested yarn - Rowan Calmer - and it feels great! I'm close to being done, and the pattern has been fun.

I'm sure I have more to say, but my brain has been fried by the Suffolk County Superior Court!


peaknits said...

Jury duty - ugh. I work for law enforcement so I keep hoping that would somehow get me kicked off:) When the times comes, not that I want to shirk civic duty...but - well, good luck! Your socks are great and the Shedir even better! Keep on being attentive!

Nell said...

Dun! Dun! Or however you spell the sounder that plays at the beginning of every LNO episode. I was on a jury in college for a drunk driving case. I always thought it was pretty silly to keep a college kid on a drunk driving jury.

I LOVE calmer. So lucious. And perfect for a hat. No itchy head!

Knitterary said...

I've knit shedir twice. Yours looks fantastic. I had to skip a lot of the resting rounds in the crown shaping to keep it from looking pointy.

marycatharine said...

Your shedir is beautiful, I keep meaning to knit one but can't find any calmer and I've heard it really should be knit in that yarn. It's nice to know that jury duty is just as boring in the US as it is in the rest of the world. Doing your civic duty is all well and good but I thought they were trying to put me into a coma.

Beth said...

The socks look very nice. Hope Bike Jerk appreciates them.

The Shedir is beautiful! I have yarn bought for one but I've never cast on. I really want to make one. I need to put the socks down and cast on for the Shedir.

Shannan said...

Your socks turned out great!

Rachel said...

Hi Tina, I found your blog through, and I just wanted to introduce myself. We seem to have really similar taste in patterns, you make really gorgeous stuff! And the name of your blog is A+ :D

Joan said...

I wish I could serve jury duty but they'd never pick me. :-(

The tedium of a jury trial could kill you. So was he innocent or guilty?

Karen said...

I have only served as a juror once myself. As I recall, the days were pretty long.

Love your newest socks!

Sera said...

People should read this.