Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This is your brain on...

...I don't know quite what, but it's crazy!

I know it's no excuse for not posting for a week, but last week was a real bummer for me, and it took me a while to snap out of it. Last Tuesday the water main going into our house burst, which was stressful, but ultimately not too big a problem, since the city's lead pipe replacement program fixed it for pretty cheap.

Then it was jury duty for three days. Which was both good and scarring. It was good because our deliberations gave me the tiniest speck of hope for humanity - I truly was amazed and pleased that 12 people of such different backgrounds, biases, and (let's be honest) intelligence levels, could manage not only to talk their way through some vague and complicated evidence and law, but do it in a polite and respectful manner. Still, it was scarring. Not only because of the long days and lengthy periods of enforced boredom where we had to be attentive but had nothing to be attentive to - that was painful, but in a familiar way that I can deal with. But the burden that comes with taking someone's fate in your hands, even as one of 12, is a heavy one. Our deliberations took as long as all the rest of the trial because, I think, we were aware both that the evidence was meagre to be making any sort of decision on and that our decision would affect the life of a young man who really did just seem to have made a mistake, and one that didn't hurt anyone in the end. We did eventually declare him guilty, which was the right outcome, but it still felt bad to be responsible for someone else's punishment. It wasn't such a huge case, but I still think about it. I feel a little silly about that, but there it is.

Oh, and I almost forgot: then, on Saturday, the basement half flooded because the guys doing the waterpipe repairs randomly and for no reason disconnected the washing machine discharge, so that soapy water poured everywhere. Awesome!

Things are better now (how could they not be?!), but my knitting/spinning life is still reflecting the madness that was last week. I just couldn't stop. First, a laceweight yarn I just finished plying up a few days ago:

This is the merino/tencel singles that I spun a while back (from The Sheep Shed at Mountain View Farm, Midnight colorway), which I plied with some tussah silk that I died a light blue. I was afraid I was going to be really disappointed because I really loved the merino/tencel singles, but had some trouble getting used to the silk, but I think it actually turned out pretty well. It came out at about 520 yards, so there's definitely enough for a lace scarf.

Here's my finished Shedir (pdf!) (sorry for not modelling it!):

It's for my mom's boyfriend, as I mentioned before. Which is a little weird, since I've never met him (they live 1000 miles away!), but my mom seems to like him, and hey - I'm a knitter! I'm not going to pass up the opportunity to knit a pattern I'm interested in just because I don't know the person who's getting it! Sheesh.

You might be thinking by now: this doesn't seem that crazy. Sure, she knit a hat in a week - who doesn't do that?
And the Baudelaire is progressing - no surprise, right? Btw, Cookie A isn't kidding - that lace isn't very stretchy! Mine is worked with the modifications she provides for the 'high instep', and it fits totally fine (and looks lovely, no?), but I could not have made it even one repeat longer, it just would have been too tight. Btw2, I love this heel for toe-up socks - it may be the new standby. A few more steps than the short-row heel, but it makes a real heel flap and fits great (pictures next time).

For whatever reason, the Charade socks are progressing slowly:

I think they look good - and feel good too, but this is as far as I've gotten on the whole pair. Why, you might ask?

Because I felt compelled, out of sheer perversity, to cast on for the River Rapid sock. Obviously. It was the yarn that made me do it! Anyone know what it is? This isn't a contest, I'll tell you next time...

And that's not all! I also cast on for this:

Which seemingly doesn't photograph at all well. It's from the Elizabeth 1 collection by JoLene M. Treace (which I think I got through KnitPicks, but heck if I can remember). I'm using the laceweight merino I got from Spunky Eclectic in the colorway Soylent. I haven't gotten to use my 'it's people line' but I will. I know it in my heart. I never was made consciously aware of how given to bad puns I am until I started blogging. Sigh.

Of course, on top of all this I'm working on my mom's shawl AND designing what may be an octopus for Claire AND spinning some really pretty roving I dyed myself (pictures later this week!). Oh, and now I'm obsessed with Jodi Picoult - whose Simple Truth I bought during the trial because I remembered a certain knit-blogger raved about her - so even though it's reading, I still say it counts as part of my knitting spree!

So, sorry for the long post...

[edited: The Jodi Picoult book is _Plain_ Truth, not Simple Truth. Sometimes you just need to look at the bookshelf!]


bookwoman said...

Funny, I just got a jury duty summons this past weekend. My 3rd one in five years.
I love your handspun. The color is gorgeous. And I'm impressed with the number of projects you have going at once, and your ability to make progress on them all.
Jodi Picoult has become one of my favorite authors recently. However, I have had to swear off her books unless I'm on vacation. They keep me up reading until 3AM. Pick up My Sister's Keeper. I think it's my favorite of hers so far.
Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, I thought "It's people," before I read your comment about it.

Beth said...

Wowza! You've been super busy.
Sorry to hear about jury duty. I think I'd be a terrible juror. It would all make me much, much too nervous. Glad to hear the folks you served with did a good job.

The yarn you spun is beautiful!

I can't believe you'd knit a hat for someone you never met. I'm way too selfish for that.

All that sock progress ... Yikes. I have Charade in my queue. I'm wondering if it is a stretchy pattern or a tight fitting one.

Good luck on all your projects. You'll have a lot to show for August.

Worsted Knitt said...

You seem to be managing the "sock chaors" well :) I really like the looks of them all.

peaknits said...

I was tickled to see me linked! I loved The Pact and Perfect Match, I'm a Picoult-a-holic - Salem Falls is next up. I love how your Beaudelaires are coming along, going more solid was a good choice. And I have never served jury duty but work in law enforcement and wonder, knowing a little about behind the scenes - after particpating in a jury, would you want 12 peers deciding your fate? I have always wondered - obviously, I am not planning any big crime spree but...:)

Karen said...

Your handpsun came out wonderful! It will make a beautiful scarf.
You have a lot of pretty socks on the needles.

Knitterary said...

Wow, that handspun is gorgeous. And your Shedir turned out really well, too. Gorgeous shade of blue for it.

I'm a fan of Jodi Picault, too.

Joan said...

My gawd, I'm exhausted just going thru your post of FO's & WIP's!

Surely not ONE spec of reasonable doubt? A defendant who opts for a trial over the plea usually feels quite passionate in his position.
I know well of the interminable boredom. I used to hope for a counsel table that was closed around the sides so I wouldn't have to focus on keeping my legs closed tight for hours. LOL.