Monday, May 21, 2007

Otto, the nihilist

Meet Otto. He's a recent addition to the family, and clearly a nihilist:

I'm not sure that his original incarnation was a nihilist, but this guy definitely is. Look at his eyes:

He's all made from my own handspun yarn (his scarf is Kool-Aid dyed) except for the beige, which is something from the stash, long ago de-labelled.

These were the first things I made entirely from knit-blogger sources (can my legs really be that white? I know winter's just ending, but c'mon?!):

Jaywalkers, in Black Bunny Fibers sock yarn (there's nothing for sale right now, but Carol's blog is lovely as well) . Which is a delight to work with! I had to keep watching my hands, just to see what colors were coming next. Below, the Jaywalkers pose in romantic soft focus with my other skein of BBF yarn (merino).

The only thing in this posting still on needles:

It's Sarcelle, in Claudia Handpainted Yarns Silk Lace in Sea Dreams, and getting close to being done. I almost never knit in light colors, and I don't think I own anything white or even white-ish, but when I saw this yarn I had a flash of brilliance: Hey! If I knit lace in a light color, then when I wear my dark clothes under it, it'll look great. I may be a little slow, but you can see how nicely the coreopsis shows it off!

Stash enhancement from the friendly folks at The Knitting Studio in Montpelier, VT, where we roadtripped this rainy weekend. My husband wasn't going to come into the shop at first, but I'm glad he did: the Louet Gems was my idea, but he bought the angora. It's for baby booties for a couple of friends. Lucky kids!

And, finally, a non-fiber related photo:

These are vodka infusions my husband is making (L-R ginger, mint and lemon). It's a first try, inspired by a visit to a local Russian restaurant. I'm especially excited to try the ginger. Mmmm....


Zarzuela said...

Otto is adorable! The jaywalkers look fab and so does the shawl too. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! The shawl looks great.

It must have been strange seeing yourself listed as a blog category; I'd thought about coming up with a subtitle, but just didn't have the inspiration.


Nell said...

Otto is too cute. I may have to knit one.

And it looks like I'm coming to your house for fancy martinis!

And, although I said I wasn't buying yarn for a year, what I really meant was I was going to TRY not to buy yarn for a year. We'll see how long I can hold out.