Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sunny day loveliness

Buying all that fiber got me energized, and I finished up the silk I was spinning on the spindle:

It's not the best yarn in the universe, but it's kinda pretty, AND it's the first decent thing that's come off the spindle for me. Luckily, I seem to be on a roll:

The merino/tencel in Mahogany from Spunky Eclectic is spinning up gorgeously. I'm actually considering keeping it single-ply. Madness!

And a few progress shots of the shawl for my mom:

The first one gets the true colors of the Seasilk, and the sheen, but the second one is more of the pattern. I was worried that the color change in the yarn might be obscuring the pattern, but I don't think it is, after all. Or is it?


Nell said...

Pretty silk. Nice job!

peaknits said...

Thanks for coming by my blog - I laughed out loud at your blog's name - IHOP, er IHOY - great! Your shawl is gorgeous. I have a skein of seasilk dying to be something, thank you for the inspiration!

Joan said...

The Sea Silk is gorgeous & I love working with it but it does smell kind of stinky when wet. Some say it's the seaweed & others the silk.