Friday, July 13, 2007

It's no more than I deserve

Look, Miriam Felton is not a designer to be messed with. I don't mean that when you download one of her patterns, she comes over to your house and threatens to break your legs if you don't follow it to the letter (though this would have been helpful in my case). No, she's just a careful, detailed designer who means what she says, often in wonderful ways.

I know this, because I didn't listen to one of her directions. It comes from being a lazy, lazy, lazy person. Too lazy to read the five, yes FIVE, lines of pattern that would have told me why I needed a provisional cast on for socks. I read 'use provisional cast on to...' and barely even thought twice when I used a regular old long-tail cast-on. Then, 5 lines later, when the pattern said 'knit together one stitch from your provisional cast-on with on working stitch' the lightbulb went off. Aha! Right, yes, I should listen to the designer! Just to punish myself (and make less than half an inch of sock knitting take well over an hour) I unpicked my cast on edge rather than starting over. That's what I get.

Luckily, the sock is turning out very nicely, or I might just have gone mad:

In the midst of the unpicking, I took a break and spun this:

Yay! back to thin spinning! It's a merino tencel blend (much shinier in real life, but I couldn't take a good sun picture), and because I bought it before I really knew how I felt about tencel, I only bought 2 oz. WHY?!? It's so pretty, but two ounces? I want to make something out of it...I'm thinking that I could dye up some silk or merino in a light aqua (it's hard to tell in the picture, but it's just over half blue) and ply it with that. I think that would keep the colors clear and pretty and make enough yarn for a lacy scarf or something like that. Ah well. These are the good kinds of dilemmas!

Have a good weekend!


Carole Knits said...

Don't mess with Mim. ;-)

peaknits said...

Thanks for the link - I hadn't sen her fabulous stuff - I must have a Seraphim shawl - in the middle of a mystery stole clue, I have a lot of nerve saying I need another. I am so disloyal:)

the socks are coming out amazing. can't wait to see more!

Zarzuela said...

Really interesting looking sock! Sounds like a great pattern. Love the spinning too. Isn't tencel a great blending fiber?