Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Better than nothing

Neither the weather nor my camera are completely cooperating with me today, but I did manage to get a picture of my little footlets from my handspun yarn before the clouds came in:

I like that they're sort of cousin socks, rather than twins, and also that, mysteriously, the ribbing at the top ended up being the same color on both. I was inspired to finally make socks from my handspun after seeing a number of great lookers on various blogs, and I'm sure that it will be as Karen warned me and I'll never stop wearing them. I'm already plotting the next pair!

Not from this though:This is the SE Mahogany merino/tencel roving that I was spinning on the spindle. I'm pretty pleased with it overall, though you can see up at the top that there were some lapses of attention that I could blame on the spindle or the dog, if I need somewhere to place blame. Honestly, I'm still not totally at ease with the spindle, though it's growing on me. BUT, what's a girl to do with 2 oz. of fingering weight? A very thin scarf? Ideas?

Would it be weird to mention that as I was spinning this mostly pink, but with black areas, roving, I was put in mind of a girl in a phone-sex ad that appeared every week (until recently) in Boston's Weekly Dig? I only ever noticed this picture because she looked so boringly, sweetly wholesome, and I couldn't imagine what she'd talk about if someone called her. The lavender cashmere twin-set that she was thinking of buying at the mall later on? The recipe for white-chocolate chip cookies she'd just clipped from Home and Garden? Perhaps the cozy scarf she was knitting for her elderly grandmother? Anyway, the combination of a mass of sweetly pink with hints of black made me think of her, and in her honor, I name the finished yarn 'Keegan's dark secret.'

I tried to take some pictures of the garden and of the TOFUtsies sock, which I started despite all my attempts to hold off until June 21 so that it could be involved in Summer of Socks 2007, but conditions forbade it. Perhaps tomorrow...


peaknits said...

I love how your footlets turned out - super comfy looking! I love the scarf named after the sex-line girl! How funny!

Karen said...

Oh they're awesome! They came out really nice!

Isn't it funny how our minds work sometimes? Thanks for the chuckle!