Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The debil made me do it

Made me cast on the June Zen String sock yarn. It came with a fun new pattern:

It's not SO wrong, except for the whole finishing what you start thing, and the following your own plans thing. Oh, well. The yarn is so delightfully springy - it's Blue Faced Leicester, which I've never worked with, but am enjoying very much. Not to think I've abandoned my senses altogether:

I DID finish one of my Monkeys out of my own handspun. I solved my problem with the bagginess of the leg by knitting the third and fourth leg repeats on size one needles, and the rest with twos. Worked perfectly.

The yarn is luscious - tencel is a new fiber I'm in love with. It looks and feels great. There'll be better pictures eventually, but it's grossly humid right now, and I can only bear to put on the sock early early in the morning. Side view:

Also, finally the BikeJerk was home in daylight, and took some Sarcelle pictures:

Finally, another project on hold until the humidity drops:

This is going to be a scarf for my brother, eventually. This singles is going to be spun with one that's orange and gold (and that I haven't spun yet). I'm having trouble consistently spinning thicker than sock yarn - I'm aiming for a sport or worsted weight, but my hands just want to make it thin!

I think it's really sweet how this project came about - I knit my brother a hat out of some of the first handspun yarn I ever made. It's all lumpy and weird (spun on a huge beginner spindle), but apparently he enjoys wearing it and telling people that I spun and knit it, so he's asked for a scarf to go with it. I think it's cute that he likes to brag about my fiber skilz!


Carole Knits said...

Everything looks wonderful today. Except for the heat and humidity part. Ugh.

Dave Daniels said...

The handspun socks are so cool. I never would have guessed that you spun it. BUT, the autumn handspun on the wheel is wonderful, loves the colors. I know what you mean about not being able to get a thicker single. I've decided to just spin thin, and Ill try for 4-ply instead to make it thicker.

peaknits said...

That shawl is stunning - what a wonderful piece! And I love your Monkey too! (that darn debil!)

Nell said...

Great socks!

And your handspun is lovely. Nicely done.

Worsted_knitt said...

Pretty Monkeys, and the colours of the yarn you're spinning are so beautiful! Do you dye it yourself too?

Karen said...

Your monkey socks are awesome! What beautiful handspun! I have a really hard time spinning a consistent thicker single too. I keep getting thick and thin and I don't want thick and thin!

Rodrigo said...

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