Thursday, June 7, 2007


On a nice sunny day, filled with socky goodness, it's hard to remember the past. The rain and broken toes (though I remember that one each time the dog steps on my foot!).

Here's the footlet that I started the other day, made from my own hand-dyed, hand-spun merino (posing in our new blueberry bush!):

Not bad, eh? Here's the bottom, so you can see the nice color changes:

Someone needs to invent touch-o-vision, because it's so soft and springy and delightful. AND, the best part is that there are 22 grams of yarn left, and the footlet weighs in at 18. All is well.

I'm excited about this pink yarn hiding in the strawberries for several reasons:

1) it's TOFUtsies, and I've been wanting to try that stuff for a while now. And, in case anyone was wondering, as I was: no, it doesn't smell like seafood!

2) it's a sock of the month club (run through my LYS and TOFUtsies, as far as I understand), which is exciting because I get a new sock pattern, and get to try cool colors that I'd never buy for myself. Like this pink, to which I have a redhead's natural (_I_ think) aversion, but I'm excited to try. Who knows? Maybe what I can't stand to wear on my body will look FABulous on my feet.

3) it's proof of the wonderful yarn store my LYS is becoming. Like most knitters these days, I shop online and at several yarn stores around town. I've always felt ambivalent about Woolcott and Co in Harvard Square - they had some awesome yarns that I never saw anywhere else, but not enough sock yarn (could anyone have enough though?), and supply was patchy at times. They're under new ownership now, and all of a sudden there's a sock club, and Addi lace needles, and a blog and an online store. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

And this final, horrible cameraphone picture:

You can't tell what it is, but I had to post it anyway because it's a historical moment. That blur on the left is Rebekah's german sock, and that teeny blur in the middle is Bill Clinton. Yesterday may be the first time EVER that a half knit Hundertwasser-inspired sock intended for a displaced Arkansas girl was in the audience for a Clinton address. I'm not sure, but I'm willing to bet.


Carole Knits said...

Your socklet is adorable. I'm curious to hear what you think of the TOFUtsies. And I think Sean will do wonders with Woolcott.

Joan said...

I shook Clinton's hand at a rally during his first term when he was stomping for a local senator (no, I wasn't wearing a beret ;-p ) and observed that he is really tall. Not a fan myself but my pal was a friend of the senator and dragged me along. With the Hail to the Chief and other pomp, it was very exciting anyway.

Your sock is gorgeous! Love the gradations of color. Would love to know eventually how the yarn wears and washes. Have fun!

Beth said...

Your yarn is beautiful! I can't believe you made that. Truly lovely.

Karen said...

Oh that looks great! You did a great job with the dyeing too!