Saturday, June 2, 2007

Socks and rants

I'll start with something I love. I love toe-up socks. I love knitting socks anyway, but toe-up is so great. No Kitchener stitch, you can try them on as you go, and they look so satisfyingly sock-y from the very start. I also love this crazy German yarn. It's crazy bright, and I love it. I hope Rebekah loves it, too (sorry for polluting your sock with my foot!):

After all that love, I'm allowed to hate, right? I'm really, really lucky to live in a place where I can ride my bike along the Charles River to get to school/work from my house. There's this beautiful river path, and I feel so happy during the summer when I can use it to get to work. Other than being the quickest way in, it's also lovely. More happiness and joy, see? And note that I say 'river path' and not 'bike path,' which is the way I usually refer to it in speech. But I know that it's intended to be a multi-use path, unlike all of the people very slowly roller-blading with baby strollers and iPods, meandering all over the path without looking behind them and then screaming when a bike passes them, even after the person on that bike has called out 'On your left' 75 times without them hearing. Public space, people!

Ok, sorry. I'm channeling the BikeJerk. Speaking of which, here are his completed Uptown Boot Socks:
They're really lovely (I'm proud of the heel-flap/gusset join). The KnitPicks Gloss looks and feels great - the fabric is smooth and the texture is luscious. I like the way the sock looks and feels (the BikeJerk says they're the best socks I've ever made for him, but he does say that every time), though I can't imagine knitting them if I had to use a cable needle for all of those cable twists! Two mini-rants/modifications about the pattern: 1) I don't understand why any pattern would suggest breaking the yarn and rejoining before the heel flap - I just knit the 16 stitches from the center back. 2) I don't want to be uppity, but I was rather frustrated by the instruction to knit a certain number of inches from the start of the gussets, rather than a certain number of inches less than the desired length - this doesn't allow a knitter to modify the length of the sock. For future reference, the toe is two inches long in the proper gauge, and if you end after a row 3 or 7, then your sock will look great.


Dave Daniels said...

Oh, so that was YOU whizzing by at 90mph! lol I still haven't gotten over to the Esplanade yet this season. We did the long Fenway to downtown to Charles St and around walk. LOVE the boot socks, too.

Worsted_knitt said...

Pretty pretty socks!

I know how you feel with the bike - I would be facing the same, if my bike hadn't been stolen...

peaknit said...

I have a 7-year-old that meanders around the path, not watching where she is going...yikes! I keep yelling - get on the right - if she had an ipod, she'd be dangerous! I love the books socks and your funky beginning to the next pair!