Thursday, July 5, 2007

Congratulations, among other things

I won't name any names, but some good friends of ours gave birth to their first child on Monday. A healthy and very cute boy (extra bonus: his birthday is 20 days before mine. Go July birthdays!!):One of the pairs of below pictured angora blend booties will go to him. I love when other people have babies - I get to knit cute, tiny things, sometimes out of luxury fibers, and get some baby cuddles, and I don't have to change any diapers (not to mention I avoid the whole future adolescent hatred bit, and the paying thousands of dollars for them to binge-drink for 4 years. Not that I'm in the least cynical. And I'm sure all my friends' children will be perfect angels.) Ahem....

The hat is my handspun silk (Vine Leaf hat pattern from Knitting Daily):
I realize silk and angora are a little impractical for baby clothing. I'm no fool. But the angora is actually machine washable and, well, the silk will be for special occasions, I'm sure. It's cute anyway!

On to socks:
I finished the June Zen String sock yarn and pattern on the 4th. I love the socks so much! The yarn is really interesting feeling - almost buttery, but with nice firm twist. It's the Lotus Toes line, and is Blue Faced Leicester. I'm still getting accustomed to the colors, which are not my usual choice, but I love how they pattern on the sock, and will definitely be ordering more of this! The pattern is Perambulate, and only available through the sock club - sadly so, because it's a very nice one. A little lacy, a little cably, and the pattern goes down the heel flap, which I always enjoy.

Here's the next project, already underway:

Super bright Shaeffer Anne in the Sweetpea pattern. (I got this yarn from Nell's destashing sale - another unusual color for me, and it certainly wakes me up in the morning! (I'm writing all this in parentheses so that no one will notice that I seem, quite correctly, to have bought yarn outside of my workout plan. Destashing sales don't count, right?)) This may actually be the first time I've ever used the suggested yarn in a pattern. So I'm cool, right?


MelissaKnits said...

Wow. Those are some seriously radioactive sweetpeas. But I love the color! If you can shoot me an email with a picture when they're done I can add you to the Sweetpea gallery. I love that colorway!!

Nell said...

What a cutie!

And I love the sizzle sweetpeas!

Karen said...

Oh, he's a cutie! The mom is going to love the booties!

Your socks look great! I need to step out of my comfort zone of colors more often. Makes for a much more fun sock drawer too!

Shannan said...

Your Zen String socks look great! And your Sweetpea socks are looking good too!

Joan said...

Your socks are amazing as usual, Tina! And that sweet baby ain't half bad either. ;-p

Knitterary said...

Thanks so much for leaving me that tip on the jaywalkers. Much appreciated.

I have to go check out that sweetpea pattern now. Yours are lovely!