Sunday, July 1, 2007

Out of this world... where I've been for almost a week! The heat melted my brain from Monday to Thursday, on which day we had a rehearsal dinner (BikeJerk was best man). Then Friday was the wedding - at Larz Anderson park and transportation museum in Brookline (which is stunning! everyone should go!) - one of the loveliest, funnest weddings I've been to (other than my own -ha!), and of which I took no pictures. Alas. On Saturday, which I spent recovering from the wedding, I did manage to take a picture of some fuschia bugs on the fig (see where my priorities are!?):
Luckily, I'm highly motivated by guilt, and not knitting or blogging (or doing anything else that I'm supposed to be doing with my time) inspired me to finish the Monkey socks:

Here's a closeup of one of my favorite parts - the only real pastel part on either sock:

As you can see, they are quite different from each other - the joys of variegated handspun. Another aspect of knitting with your own handspun that I just learned about - major anxiety about having enough yarn to finish both socks. The yarn is unique, no single balls lying around in a yarn store somewhere.
On the coriopsis, now blooming:
Finally, here they recline with the leftover yarn (not all that much!) and the next project I need my guilt to force me to finish!

(The BikeJerk has succumbed to the lure of the blog! If you're interested in bike trips, bike anger, lots of good cooking and recipes, check him out here. Not much yet, but if there's one thing that boy likes doing it's talking about food...)


Nell said...

Great job on those monkeys!

Love 'em!

Zarzuela said...

Your monkeys are beautiful!! You did a great job with the spinning AND the knitting. :)


Karen said...

Beautiful socks! My favorite part of having handspun socks, is having a pair unlike anyone elses. :)

Worsted Knitt said...

Indeed, a totally unique pair - something I value very higly. Beautiful!

Sourire11 said...

Beautiful monkeys!!!

Love your handspun... really georgous.