Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A cry for help, the beach, etc.

No, this isn't a plea for a yarn-buying intervention, or advice on something to knit other than socks. I like socks! I need some input on this Baudelaire beginning. This is how it looks in a plain yarn, as intended by the designer, and here's mine:

I know mine looks different, and that it sort of obscures the lace pattern, but is it good or bad? I keep asking the BikeJerk, who says it looks 'fine', but I'm not entirely convinced. Opinions please!

To keep from thinking about it, I took the Parashoot when we went to Singing Beach on Friday (yes, I _am_ copying Claudia with this photo!):

I was a little embarrassed at first, sitting on the beach with sock knitting, my grad school tote bag (emblazoned with the school crest), and my New Yorker magazine, but then I looked around the beach and realized that a Massachusetts beach on a weekday is not the same as, say, a California beach on a weekend. I felt right at home, in fact - a guy nearby had a serious, thick, scholastic-looking book on his lap and was taking notes!

And finally - the Eleanoras are done, and they're fabulous!

The Louet Gems Merino worked really well with the pattern, I think, and I used my usual, trusty 2.75/us size 2 needles, despite being told to use a size 1 (my only act of disobedience, I swear!). I hope all will forgive me for wishing it were cool enough out to wear them!


peaknits said...

My opinion is go solid - I hate to say that after you have such a good start:) I say this however based on my own experience - I knit up the Embossed Leaves with Koigu - loved the yarn...but was sad how my leaves were all hiding, like I had gyped the yarn and the pattern since they ended up being a disappointing pairing. I gave them to my very appreciative mom. I think you may be happier with solid in the long run, even though I do very much like your yarn:)

Joan said...

Amazing Eleanora's! Go with your gut on the lace.

Nell said...

I think the Baudelaire's are nice. But the lace will show up so much better in solid. My thought is that if you are going to do all that work, you want people to see it.

Although, I do love the yarn you are using!

Carole Knits said...

Well. The variegated yarn does obscure the pattern. But I like them in spite of that.

Karen said...

Well the lace pattern would obviously show up better in a solid yarn, but I think it looks nice in the variegated yarn too. I just think the pattern will be more subtle.

The Eleanoras are awesome!

joanne said...

I think you'll be happier if you knit the pattern with a solid. I knitted a pair with varigated yarn that would have looked better in a solid and I was disappointed.

bookwoman said...

The yarn is gorgeous, and the sock is looking very nice, but it is definitely hiding the lace. If you're going to put the work in on the lace patterning, go with a solid that would show it off.

Worsted Knitt said...

I love the Eleonoras, and for the lace - I like your yarn too, but the pattern really doesn't show. I would never have guessed that it's the same pattern.